Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Love Lounge: The New Way To Flirt...Without Words?

Are you emoji obsessed? I'm typically a word girl, obviously, but I just came across some pretty intriguing statistics all about the state of flirting in our modern, text-centered society.

The results in capsule form: Flirting is a-changing!

DrEd, an online doctor service, looked at tweets from men and women in the United State and Europe and analyzed the 10 most-used emojis with romantic or sexual suggestions. The "smiling face with heart-shaped eyes" and "face throwing a kiss" claimed the top two spots...
"With only 140 characters allowed per message, Twitter demands brevity from its users – and lengthy hashtags or phrases can often be replaced by a single well-chosen emoji. The availability of hundreds of distinct emojis, ranging from faces to symbols to food, has inspired many on Twitter to come up with their own new meanings for some of these unique icons," the study reads. "And while emojis themselves are not explicit, this coded language quickly led to the emergence of a new kind of flirtatious and sexual shorthand, where romantic overtures and taboo topics can be casually suggested with just one or two otherwise innocuous characters."
I suppose all this change was inevitable. It was only a matter of time before technology and the way we flirt caught up to each other. BUT, guess what?? This really, really doesn't bode well for me in my effort to resist late-night messaging, so I'm thinking my war on that front will continue for the indefinite future. Of course, I won't be sending any of those sexually suggestive emojis since I'm nothing if not an old-fashioned lady, but the temptation will be there to shoot off a series of smiling faces and hearts. I mean, it's so easy, you know? Should flirting really be that easy? With words, you have to put some thought and effort into crafting the right ones -- you have to be on your feet and witty at the same time. For me, that's one of my favorite things about the whole art of flirting. It's that give-and-take, cat-and-mouse chase that is so thrilling. Is that just me??

What are your thoughts on these cutting-edge results, friends?? Do you find yourself falling into the habit of using emojis more often these days? Which one is your favorite?? xoxo

P.S. Fun emoji hats! :)

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