Wednesday, August 03, 2016

What iPhone Apps Do You Love?

A couple years ago, I asked about your favorite iPhone apps since I'd just upgraded to a cool phone. Like most things involving technology (well, aside from blogging!), I'm late to the party yet again, but I JUST got my first iPhone yesterday!
I'll just let that confession sink in for a moment.

Anyway, I'm a bit overwhelmed by this new-fangled gadget. I need your help, friends! I'm dying to add some fun apps to my phone, but...which ones??

What iPhone apps do you love? Which ones do you have on your phone?? Which ones can't you live without? And most Candy Crush horribly passe? Let me know your favorites in the comments! I've got some adding to do! xoxo

P.S. Maybe the BEST part of my induction into the world of iPhones?? I can finally use emojis on the regular -- there are millions of them at my fingertips now!! So get ready for that! I'm pretty fond of the unicorn emoji -- who knew there was a beautiful UNICORN emoji?? It's a brave new world for me!! :)

[Photo via We Heart It]


  1. Welcome to the Dark side. I personally love IBooks. Prefer Google Maps over IMaps.

  2. Well, congrats amiga. I'm still on the Android side. I heard the i-phone camara is pretty awesome. XO


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