Monday, August 15, 2016

12 Fun iPhone Cases

We've "oohed" and "ahhed" over countless pretty iPhone cases over the years. And while that was all fun and games, those days are over.

Things just got uber serious, folks! Now that I have a snazzy iPhone myself, the time for whimsical window shopping has passed. It's time I buckled down and got serious about picking out a suitable case for Winifred. Yes, I name my phones...doesn't everyone???

Anyway, Winifred and I could use your help! I've been browsing the Web and am, umm, a bit overwhelmed by the selection. What kind do I want? Stripes? Polka dots? Miranda Sings?

I've rounded up 12 pretty possibilities and would love to hear your thoughts...
POLKA DOTS... Yellow polka dot, $8 | Multicolored polka dot, $10.99 | Black polka dot, $40 | Gold polka dot, $35
STRIPES... Nautical stripes, $16.99 | Aqua + white stripes, $35 | Hand-painted pink stripes, $35 | Multicolored stripes, $24.99
FLORAL... Pink floral, $40 | Lush floral watercolor, $39.95 | Beach palm, $12.99 | Vintage floral, $12.99's your turn, friends! Help choose Winifred's new outfit, won't you?? Which one is your favorite?? What iPhone case do you have?? Do you switch 'em up a lot or have you had the same one for awhile?? xoxo

[Top photo via We Heart It]

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