Saturday, August 13, 2016

Have a Marvelous Weekend

Welcome to the weekend, friends! Got any fun things going on? For some reason, I am wiped out!! It must be all that crazy mayhem leftover from my birthday weekend. We've been excitedly watching some of the Rio Olympics this week. We especially love women's gymnastics and have been cheering on the Final Five! How amazing are those young women? Truly inspiring! I hope you all have a relaxing weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

Hello, hello, hello...*NSYNC!!! See what I did there?!?!?

What Shakespeare character are you?

Check out this beautiful sparkler!

Passengers is definitely on my must-see list for fall.

"How I worship my body and accept my disability"

If people had honest first-date conversations.

HA, the types of guys I'd like to date.

Wonderful collection of essays by women who don't have children.

Oh man, how adorable are these cucamelons??

The history of fashion, in handmade dolls.

TV's best long-awaited kisses...which is your favorite?

Summer isn't over, so indulge with these 30 best summer blockbusters of all time!

Have you seen the rare Perseid meteor yet?

Wow, what a weird celebrity pairing for a TV show.

The 26 best break-up songs of all you agree?

How your relationship with your mother affects your career.

So happy for the women's gymnastics team! #TeamUSA

It's Britney...coming to Carpool Karaoke!

What candy came out the year you were born?

...and the Hollywood "It" girl?

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