Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lilly Pulitzer Is My Spirit Animal

Like many fashionistas-in-training, I discovered the wonders of Lilly Pulitzer pretty late in life. Truth be told, if it wasn't for all my blog reading, I'd have NO IDEA that her bright, colorful and chic clothes and accessories even existed. And, really, what a sad world that would be, right? We all could use some bright in our life, and lucky for us, Lilly is coming to the rescue in the form of her After Party Sale! The two-day shopping extravaganza is a cornucopia of everything from dresses to tops to blinged-out accessories, and although there is a bit of a wait to get it, it's totally worth it.

Even after the sale is over, I intend to keep exploring this treasure trove of a gold mine. Check out a few of my fave fashion go-to items, starting with this navy blue cardigan (fall, anyone?!?), $78, above...

Will you be snapping up any faves, friends? What's your fashion style, if you had to describe it in only a couple words? Are you wild or more traditional? Let's chat! xoxo

(This is NOT a sponsored post; I just get really, really obsessed when I find something new that I like!)


  1. These things are not from the sale!

  2. Ack! Thanks for letting me know...when I got into the site yesterday, I assumed the sale stuff was there. Will change the language of the post to reflect that! xoxo


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