Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ms. Bear's Big Apple Adventure!

Another July has come and gone, and that means that I have taken another one of my annual trips out to NYC to visit family. It is always such a good time and I look forward to it all year long!!

This year was a little different though, as my niece, Mona, had taken a pretty serious tumble while training for a triathlon. So, this year we had a low key visit and tried to help Mona out as much as we could. Plus, we wanted her to rest and not run us all over the city as she usually does! We still had a wonderful time and I even stayed a day longer than I usually do!

I managed to squeeze in a visit with my DC and NJ nieces and nephews too. We had Subway catered....see, we really did take it easy! We went to several nice restaurants. We had lunch at Tavern in the Green, in Central Park. Then I took a long, extremely hot walk through the park!

We also ate at Parm again...they have great food. We went to a wine bar in the late afternoon one day too. I had a couple hours in Times Square when Mona was at the doctors.

Oh, and we also got to eat lunch at the Yale Club and I visited Grand Central Station for the first time too!

It was a great family time. Life is so fast-moving that it's important to take some time to have quality family Mikey, the Life Cereal boy, would say..."Try it, you'll like it!"

I sure did!

P.S. Ms. Bear takes NYC in 2013, 2014 and 2015... :)

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  1. Go YOU! I am always amazed at what you set out to do -- and then DO!!


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