Thursday, September 22, 2016

5 Best '90s TV Shows

Yesterday, we looked at some of the classic TV shows that defined the '80s. Since it's TV Week, I thought it only fair to discuss that other decade from my youth.

The '90s.

It was quite a time, wasn't it? So much going on and, arguably, one of the best times for television. From sitcoms to teen dramas, here are the five that defined my life...
Full House (1987-1995): Though it started in the '80s, the Tanners really found their stride in the early '90s. They helped the TGIF lineup become a family activity, and I have SO MANY fond memories of sitting in our living room every Friday night with my family. Plus, Stephanie's "how rude" catchphrase accurately captures how I feel so much of the time!
Seinfeld (1989-1998): Who knew that a show about nothing could be so compelling?? And more than compelling, it was relatable. Whether we admit it or not, there's a little bit of George Costanza in all of us. And how fun would it be to have Kramer for a neighbor?
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997-2003): This one was an obvious choice. I've binged it three times now and love it more every single time. Here was Buffy, a strong and fierce role model for young girls. That was so refreshing, to see someone who could kick butt and be herself!
ER (1994-2009): I suppose it's no surprise that I have a weakness for medical dramas; what can I say, they sort of remind me of home movies. We'd eat frozen pizza for lunch and watch this every Saturday afternoon. Apparently, television really had a way of bringing my family together!
Frasier (1993-2004): It's hard to believe that this started out as a spin-off of Cheers because it didn't take long for the show to stand proudly on its own merits. I could identify with Niles so much, especially in his journey with Daphne, but it wasn't until after my father died that Frasier truly became our "comfort show." And, thankfully, it still is.

Are there lots of '90s TV lovers out there?? What shows would you add to this list? And, what sorts of shows are you binge-watching these days?? xoxo


  1. Oh gosh, there are too many to add! I don't know how you narrowed these down :)

  2. Emily!!!! It was SO hard lol...I could literally talk about TV all day!!!


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