Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Family Photos: Autumn Closing In

And, yes, you're welcome for putting Bob Seger's "Night Moves" in your head for the rest of the day...mwahh!!!

Anyway, the title of this post rings an abundance of truth, my friends. As summer slips away, fall starts to put down roots in the form of changing colors and cooler weather. Because it's the season, here are a few autumn-approved photos, starting with our two new friends, above. Janelle named them Peter and Pamela, and they now guard our house from the driveway. Aren't they cute??
Speaking of Janelle, she's been working on taking her baking skills to the next level. These cupcakes are pretty good proof...OMG, they were SO delicious!!

My mom snapped these pics one morning on the way to work. You know fall -- and winter! -- is right around the corner when the sky starts looking heavy. It's sort of mesmerizing, though, almost as if the clouds are fluffy pieces of cake. Wow, do I have sweets on the brain today...
And, of course, an adorable shot of Harry because...you NEVER need a reason to show off your cat!!

How are things going today, friends? Have you decorated for fall yet? Halloween? Or is all this talk just too darn early? xoxo

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  1. Peter and Pamela look so happy together...
    ...Now maybe that you've gotten Bob Seger in my head, I will have gotten The Turtles in yours hehe!


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