Thursday, September 01, 2016

Family Photos: Goodbye, Summer!

Oh, hello there, September'd you manage to sneak up on me so quickly? You're a rather bittersweet day, aren't you? Bittersweet and a little deceiving. You pretend that you're just another day, but we both know what's coming -- we both well aware of the subtext that whispers in the changing winds, if you will. It's a new song.

The song of fall.

I don't know about you, friends, but I'm not prepared to say goodbye to the summer months. At all. My Facebook feed is already full of Pumpkin Spice talk and littered with the requisite leaf emoji, and it all makes me very sad and wistful. Wistful for yesterday, when it was still August and I could at least console myself by saying, "It's still August and everyone knows that August is still summer, so..."
Well, I suppose I've got to face the harsh realities now. There's no time left to deny that the seasons are a-changing! BUT!! At least I can comfort myself with these commemorative end-of-summer snapshots. At least I'll always have the memories of Summer 2016, like my recent hair cut, classic style, of course...
My mom captured her first day back at work, where she got caught in a monsoon of a rainstorm in the morning! Hello, 2016-2017 school year! What a way to kick things off...
Speaking of my mom, her green thumb endeavors were successful this year! She planted these glorious tomatoes and the joy on her face was, I think, even more delicious than the tomatoes themselves...

And these muffins?? A true sign we're getting back into our breakfast routine. I'm not sure how my mom does it, but she ALWAYS manages to make them even more scrumptious every single time! I'm also back to my classic ham sandwich lunch while at the library...

Finally, no Family Photos would be complete without a couple shots of Harry and Stella, who never seem to let the changing seasons bother them. They're probably the chillest cats in the entire universe!

Happy September, friends! Are you excited?? What do you have planned this month? Anything exciting?? Let's chat in the comments!! xoxo

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  1. Those muffins look amazing. We picked a ton of tomatoes from our garden as well--along with some really hot peppers that I, frankly, didn't realize were that hot until I took a big bite out of one EEK! I am back into knitting scarves when my body isn't hurting and allows me the pleasure of doing so. My plan is to send some off to the local old folks for their bingo games, send some in care packages to soldiers, and maybe gift the rest for friends ;)


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