Friday, September 02, 2016

Have a Lovely Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend, friends!! I couldn't be more excited about having THREE DAYS of freedom, although I am pretty sad about saying goodbye to summer! It's been good to me! What are you doing this weekend? We might take one last walk while the weather is nice -- been wanting to walk up to the gas station by our house and get soda pops all summer! I mean, it's the little things in life, right?? I'll see you all back here on Tuesday! Have a good one, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

What a cool account of riding the first passenger train in 1830.

I can really identify with this open letter on suicide.

These couple names are...interesting!

FYI, your dog understands more than you think.

"My dog provides the love I've always been searching for"

These Beauty and the Beast Live photos are dreamy.

Happy 77th birthday to The Wizard of Oz!

Here's what's coming to Netflix this month.

The Hollywood Reporter rounds up their favorite 100 TV shows ever.

Feel like binge-watching some romance movies?

Oh, yes, there's nothing quite like a hotel gift shop, is there?

Anyone up for a decade-themed road trip?

Fun: How to choose an apple based on your celebrity crush.

Which punctuation mark are you?

One-hit wonders of the '80s.

Thoughts on this style of kitchen cabinets?

Dream Home: Abandoned rooms.

10 best deep cuts from Miranda Lambert.

Did you buy Britney's new album? I'm sort of curious.

And, here are some great Labor Day sales if you're in a shopping mood...

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