Monday, September 12, 2016

In The Pursuit of Happiness: Serena Williams on Heartbreak

There was a time when I was *sure* that all my surgeries were the ultimate worst. Like, the worst thing that could EVER happen to me. Especially throughout my teen years, I'd look around and think, "Wow, don't my peers have it so easy?"

It wasn't that I was constantly saying, "Woe is me..." and feeling sorry for myself -- it was more of an observation, something that I noticed about the world around me. I'd hear peers and friends bemoan the confusing ins and outs of love and boyfriends, but I couldn't imagine it being any more difficult or confusing than those 20+ surgeries I'd endured.

Well, I celebrated the 20th anniversary of my last surgery over the summer, and that milestone (hopefully!) signals the end of my medical journey -- at least for the time being. And you know what I realized?

In the grand Surgeries vs. Relationships Debate, I'm completely wrong. And, I've been completely wrong all these years. Seriously wrong.

As it turns out, I'm not alone! Back in 2012, tennis ace Serena Williams shared a similar sentiment when she appeared on an episode of Piers Morgan Live...
“I think everyone kind of goes through [heartbreak]. It definitely isn’t a good feeling. I think having surgery is definitely a lot easier — having a pulmonary embolism is definitely a lot easier than a heartbreak.”
Heartbreak as something even worse than something like a pulmonary embolism? This was quite the deep revelation, people! Profound, even, and obviously something I've never thought of. I mean, I'd always looked at my medical past as a huge detriment -- you know, as if it were thing gigantic obstacle that was unmovable and in my face ALL THE TIME. But, really, maybe those surgeries were a cake walk compared to matters of the heart -- metaphorically, speaking, of course. Maybe heartbreak is akin to walking barefoot across a hot rake of flaming coals. Maybe getting through all those surgeries was really just a walk in the park, you know?

So the way I see it, I suppose I shouldn't really feel all that bad by my spinning head when it comes to all this whole relationship stuff. And you know what that means, right? I. Am. Perfectly. Normal.

Hallelujah, friends! Now that is most definitely something to rejoice about! xoxo

[Quote via The Cut]

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