Friday, September 16, 2016

My Favorite Things With Groupon Coupons

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I'm excited to share more finds from Groupon Coupons today, friends! One of the things I've realized in all my years of being a semi-shopaholic? My "fun" purchases usually revolve around three things: Lip balm, school supplies and candy.

That's it! After all my essential expenses are paid for the month, I've been know to treat myself on one of my classic Target Trips. My mom always used to call it "fun money" and I think she's right! And what's even better than shopping, you ask? Saving money while shopping for the things you love.

That's where the wonders of Groupon Coupons comes in! It's a great way to save, with coupons to some of my favorite stores -- everything from Target to Walmart to ULTA Beauty to Walgreens. Just for fun, here's a mini round-up of the lip balm, school supplies and candy I'd buy with those lovely coupons...
LIP BALMS -- Chapstick's Total Hydration in Honey Blossom, Lip Smacker's Juicy Jelly Bean and NIVEA's Mint and Minerals.
SCHOOL SUPPLIES -- Sharpie pens, colorful binders and daily planner.
CANDY -- PEZ, Sour Patch Kids and M&Ms.

Which ones are your favorites?? Any treats you're dying to indulge in?? Make sure you celebrate with some savings today! xoxo

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