Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Style Guide: Flashy Flamingos

Isn't it funny how adults go through phases just like kids do? I'm currently going through a flamingo phase at the moment, as evidenced by this iPhone case I just ordered yesterday and the fact that flamingos are just downright adorable -- those legs, I tell you!

Anyway, to celebrate my love and appreciation for our pink-feathered friend, here are my faves in flamingo fashion...
Baggu nylon tote, $9 | Canvas Classics, $57.80 | Vintage shirt, $28 | Gold metal brooch, $18.62 | Temporary tattoo, $5.68 | Scarf, $11.92 | Gold pendant, $64 | Watch, $15

Do you have a favorite flamingo fashion, friends? Which one do you love? You know I'm all for the fun and quirky feel of all these pieces -- definitely worth wearing well past summer's end! xoxo

[Top photo via We Heart It]

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