Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday Tunes: 6 Possible Wedding Songs

I had such a good time doing a TV theme song round-up last week, so I thought I'd do another fun round-up today.

Who hasn't thought about their ideal wedding song? I know I can't be the only one here, right? Maybe I'm just a sappy sucker for those slow, romantic tunes, but I literally have a list of first-dance songs for the future Mr. Melissa Blake. OK, so some consider it a rather long list, but I don't care because each song means something to me. And that's what really matters, isn't it?? So, with dreams of starry nights and starry eyes, here are my 6 top wedding song picks...
"Fields of Gold" -- Sting: True, it may sound a bit, umm, melancholy, but it's that sort of hauntingly beautiful melancholy. And that?? Well, that just makes all the difference in the world.
Crimson & Clover -- Tommy James and the Shondells: Those opening notes and damn, that hauntingly seductive opening line. Doesn't it just sound positively perfect? "I think I can love her...over and over." It's just you and me, Mr. Melissa Blake -- for all of eternity.
"You Baby" -- The Turtles: Because I like to break tradition every so often, why not opt for a song that you wouldn't expect to hear? This one's uptempo and it's got such a sense of optimism to it. What a great send-off for starting your life with someone!
"When I'm With You" -- Sheriff: Oh, come on! You know I HAD to slip an '80s power ballad in here, if for no other reason than for the pure, unadulterated emotion these songs express. It's the perfect way to passionately describe how you feel about your loved one!
"Please Forgive Me" -- Bryan Adams: The idea of being so consumed by someone that you feel almost out of body? Sounds sort of intriguing, doesn't it? Plus, I just love Adams' gravely voice!
"Groovy Kind of Love" -- Phil Collins: Sure, this may be an overly simplistic song, but the greats always are. There's nothing pretentious or conditional about this love. It just is. It's how all great loves should be.

What do you think of my choices, friends? If you're married, what was your wedding song? Which song would you choose for your future special day?? I'd love to see all your picks, too!! xoxo

[Top photos via We Heart It]

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